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Why Hypoallergenic Lash Adhesive Doesn’t Exist

Written by Outlash Admin


Posted on February 17 2020

It’s unfortunate when you develop an allergy to eyelash extensions but it can happen even if you have been wearing lash extensions for years. 

To date, there hasn’t been a solution other than to remove your lashes and hopefully try again at a later time with a different lash artist, and adhesive. 

However, unless a client gets an allergy test done with all the ingredients listed on the back of the adhesive you plan on using it is hard to determine what is causing the reaction. 

Most likely, we believe that the allergy is linked to cyanoacrylate or the carbon black ingredient. Cyanoacrylate is the base ingredient that is found in all lash adhesives. It is the key ingredient that solidifies when curing. This is what creates a bond between the natural lash and extension.  Thus, it can not be left out of the composition of the adhesive. The carbon black ingredient is what gives most adhesives its black colour. If the reaction is an allergy, the symptoms they are experiencing will not subside until the adhesive is removed from the lash line.

And while there is no hypoallergenic adhesive our No Show Clear Set Adhesive is a great option as it contains less cyanoacrylate and zero carbon black. Note that using our Clear Set Adhesive does not guarantee the prevention of an allergic reaction from occuring. Formal testing must be done to find the root of the allergy. Never tell your clients to take over the counter drugs as this may hold you accountable in legal proceedings. 



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