Are you having lash retention issues?

Are you having lash retention issues?

Here’s a list of things we thought of that could be playing a factor in your both yours & your clients lash game.

Client Factors

  • Hormonal issues and imbalances
  • Pre, during and post pregnancy hormones with speculation that it can take up to two years for your hormones to get back to ‘normal’
  • Contraceptives and other medications
  • Thyroid issues
  • Stress levels
  • Damaged lashes
  • Dietary 
  • Non-porous hair 
  • Poor aftercare including habitually picking, excess makeup and lack of removing, strip lashes in addition onto extensions, 

Lash Artist Factors

  • Spoiled adhesive
  • Not enough adhesive
  • Lash extensions are too heavy or too long
  • Poor placement 
  • Improper prep

How to tell if it's a client problem or a lash artist problem

If it's a lash artist causing retention issues other clients serviced that day will also have poor retention. Having your work environment controlled with precision and refreshing your adhesive regularly will help eliminate factors in retention problems. 

If it's a client issue obvious signs on pre and post care will be visible. However, dietary, stress, hormone, thyroid issues will come with an honest conversation. 

Speak to your clients regularly about changes in their lifestyle. 


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