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Lash extensions tailored for lash artists

No frills. No gimmicks.

Lash products that just work.

  • Hand-Tested Tweezers

    Every single tweezer is hand-tested for precision.

  • Salon Tested

    See why 1000's of lash artists love us! Try our products and you’ll see why.

  • Small Batch Orders

    Get only the freshest products.

  • Fast and affordable shipping in Canada.

    We offer $10 shipping on orders $150+ and free shipping on orders $250+ anywhere in Canada.

lash extension supplies

Lashes that fan like butter? Don't mind if we do.

Our lash strips have been carefully designed to the millimetre to give you the easiest pull.

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  • Tweezers Collection

    Precision, Durability, and Comfort

    Designed to meet the needs of lash artists

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  • Lash Extension Tools

    The Right Tools Make All the Difference

    Because beauty is in the details with our eyelash extension tools.

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  • Aftercare

    Premium Aftercare Supplies

    Maintain the longevity and quality of lash extensions with OutLash Extension Pro's range of aftercare supplies

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  • OutLash Extensions Pro Kit

    Lash Extension Kits

    Unlock Your Lash Artistry

    Equipped with all the necessary tools to help you achieve stunning results

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Perfect Your Passion with OutLash Academy

Our comprehensive Lash Academy offers everything you need to become a true lash artist. You'll learn the latest techniques and industry trends, helping you master classic and volume lash extensions.

OutLash Academy is open to everyone, whether you're just starting out or looking to take your skills to the next level.