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No-Show Clear Set Adhesive
No-Show Clear Set Adhesive
No-Show Clear Set Adhesive
No-Show Clear Set Adhesive
No-Show Clear Set Adhesive
No-Show Clear Set Adhesive

No-Show Clear Set Adhesive

Our No-Show Clear Set Adhesive is similar to our Rapid Set Adhesive without the Carbon Black ingredient. This adhesive works well in a wide range of humidities however, its optimal humidity is between 30% to 60%. It should not be goopy, sticky or gummy. This adhesive is perfect for clients who may have sensitivities or allergies. Our adhesives come with a nozzle needle to ensure your bottles never stay clogged.

Disclaimer: Using this adhesive does not guarantee clients will not have allergic reactions.

+ Dry Time: 1-2 seconds
+ Viscosity: Very Thin
+ Color: Clear
+ Hold Time: Up to 7 weeks
+ Fumes: Low
+ Optimal humidity: 30-60%

+ Unopened, the No-Show adhesive can be placed in the fridge with a temperature of 5-10°C. Remove from fridge at least one hour prior to use.
+ Once opened, keep adhesive in an airtight container with dry rice or silica pack. Room temperature. Keep away from sunlight.

+ Extensions that are sliding or popping off may be due to improper storage, work environment, too little or too much adhesive. Use accordingly. 

+ Unopened bottles have a one year shelf life.
+ Opened bottles should be replaced every six to eight week or when the adhesive has become goopy, sticky or gummy. 

No Show Clear Set Adhesive will become goopy, sticky or gummy when spoiled. 

Only dispense No Show Clear Set Adhesive on adhesive stickers placed on a jade stone — do not dispense adhesive on paper tape as this can pose difficulties in seeing how much adhesive you are using. Excess use can lead to blooming or frosting. 

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Lash Adhesive also referred to as Lash Glue.


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