Biz Tip: Policies and Procedures - Essential components of your business.

Biz Tip: Policies and Procedures - Essential components of your business.

You'll inevitably run into an issue running a business so by having policies and procedures in place you'll know exactly what steps to take should an issue arise. 
Here are our top policies you need to have in place before seeing your next client. 
  • Cancellation Policy. Your clients should be made aware of your cancellation policy prior to them booking their appointment. 

    As a general rule of thumb, a 24-48 hour cancellation policy should be present. This means that should a client cancel within your cancellation policy, they'll incur a cost. The cost is usually 50% of the appointment. 

    But what about COVID and emergencies? Things can happen. If a client gives you a call prior to their appointment time, it's up to you to make that judgement call. If your client is dealing with a COVID related situation it's best to be understanding since this is affecting all of us and is mostly completely out of our control. Great clients that have their own life get in the way will understand your policies and will be happy to pay your cancellation fee because they value you and your time.  
  • Rescheduling Policy. Do you have a client who's always trying to move their appointment? Your rescheduling policy should go hand in hand with your cancellation policy. 24-48 hours to change an appointment is the guideline.
  • No Show Policy. Did someone just skip out on their appointment? Clients who no-show an appointment should be charged 100% of their missed appointment, if a deposit is paid ahead of time that will cover some of your missed income. If the client hasn't paid a deposit and wants to book again, they'll need to pay the full service price beforehand. Two No Shows and we recommend politely letting your client know they are no longer welcome as your client.
  • Late Policy. Do you have a client who is continuously tardy? How late is too late and considered a cancelled appointment? Will you still see them and do what you can in the time allotted? We recommend a 15 minute flex time, after that you either reschedule the client and they pay 100% of the appointment cost or you offer to do what you can in the time left in their appointment. 
  • Re-Lash Policy. What are your requirements from clients for it to be considered a re-lash appointment versus a full set? It's recommended that clients have fills no more than four weeks past their last appointment. If a client is booking after the four week mark we will ask how many lashes they have left. Less than 40% is considered a new set. 
  • Refund Policy. Will you refund a client if they have an allergic reaction? What about if their lashes don't last as long? Not in our world. You have spent your time and money to complete the set. Try to accommodate your client with a complimentary fix. This is why a thorough consultation is a MUST.  It's a great idea to have this written on your consultation forms as well and have the client initial this section so they understand this policy before you've done any work. If you're not able to make the client happy offer a discount on their next fill. 
  • Fix Policy. What would you do if your client wasn't happy with their applications? What would you do if their lashes fell off on one eye? Our recommendation is to offer a complimentary fix period. Five days gives the client a perfect amount of time to reach out if they aren't satisfied. Anything over a week and they've missed that opportunity since you can have natural fall out and have been living a life presumably being active, sleeping, etc. Offer a discount on a fill to accommodate your clients. If you have a great client that usually has wonderful retention bend the rule and do some problem solving. 
Policies and procedures provide guidance, consistency, efficiency, and clarity on how you approach a situation when they happen.
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