Black Friday Checklist

Black Friday Checklist

Some might say (our shopaholics) it’s the best time of the year - we tend to agree. Our Black Friday sale is just around the corner. Mark your calendars; these savings only happen once a year. We’ve created a quick and easy checklist to make Black Friday stress free, fun and successful!! 

Write a list of all the items you are out of or running low on. Go through your cart, one item at a time so nothing is missed. 

Plan ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute. If  you’ve forgotten something, you have time to add it to your list and aren’t having to place multiple orders when it comes time to check out.

Stock UP. What’s wrong with making sure you have back up products? If you know you love something, buy in multiples. Black Friday only comes once a year!

Have back ups. Adhesive and tweezers are a must when you're lashing so why not have a trusted backup you can reach for in lashing emergencies. 

Create an account and shop ahead of the sale. Place your must haves in your cart - when the sale goes live, checkout is a breeze.

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