How to Choose the Right Curl, Length & Diameter

How to Choose the Right Curl, Length & Diameter

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With all the different types of lashes from thickness, length, and curl of each one, it can be overwhelming just what will look good on each client. Especially because we have to take into account personal preference, a clients’ preference, their eyes, and really their face as a whole.

So how you choose the right curl for eyelash extensions?

We’ll go over the different type of curls and discuss how to choose the best length and thickness, then go over which curls flatter which eye shapes the best.

What are the different types of lash curls?

A wide variety of lash stock in your arsenal is a must.  You never know what kind of client will walk in the door and it is best to be prepared.  There are many lash curls at your disposal.  Here are the most basic ones that OutLash carries.  I’ll go in order of least curly to most curled.

C-Curl: C-curl is the most versatile and popular curl.  It is commonly used because it can create an open eye effect without appearing too drastic.

D-Curl: D-curl is has gained popularity as the trend is to have more lift and visible lash lines. This curl does not disappoint!  It provides a very noticeable lift and is dramatic.

DD-Curl: Our DD-curls are perfect for those clients who want ‘extra.’ This curl is the gal who wants a very dramatic lift.

L-Curl: L-curl lashes look like an “L” and also provide a lift to lash lines. They are great for clients who have monolids or those who are looking for something different.

Note that each brand is different in how tight they keep their curls.

How to choose the right length and diameter eyelash extensions

Lashes come in diameters ranging from 0.03mm to 0.20. OutLash only carries lashes in 0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.18.  Most lash artists don’t use anything over 0.18, and if you have been in the industry for awhile you might recall when using 0.25mm was common; something before volume lashes were even a thing!

It’s best to not over-extend the weight placed on the natural lash. Use this a rule of thumb: if a client wants a full, dense and dark lash line, use shorter lengths with more lashes per fan. Ie: 0.03 x 10mm x 8D — natural lash permitting. Longer lashes will tend to look wispier.

Talk to your client to see what style best suits her but also explain to her what kind of natural lashes she has and proceed accordingly. 

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