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How to Improve the Speed of Your Lash Application

Written by Outlash Admin


Posted on February 10 2020

Want a quick little tip to speed up your application times? See our quick video on how to tape back your clients lashes so you can lash all the other ones that are still lash free.

Step 1: Comb through your clients lashes

Step 2: Dispense a piece of paper tape

Step 3: De-tack your tape. It should ever be slightly tacky. This is very important in the removal process.

Step 4: Place your tape on the tip of the lashes from the front view. Try only to get the tips for easy removal.

Step 5: Lash visible natural lashes.

Step 6: Quick cure mist to prevent stickies.

Step 7: Gently remove the tape.

Step 8: Repeat as needed.




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