Key Points for a Thorough Consultation

Key Points for a Thorough Consultation

Every client is unique, which means that no sets are really alike even if you're applying the same length, curl, diameter and fullness on everyone. Do you cater to a variety of clientele or do you stick to a specific style and refer out clients who want sets you don't like doing? ⁠

Having a consultation with your client before the appointment begins is KEY 🔑⁠

This ensures that you are giving the client what they would like and also what their lashes can handle. ⁠

Important questions to ask:⁠

  1. Are these lashes worn for a special occasion or for daily wear?⁠
  1. Would they prefer something more natural or more dramatic?⁠
  1. How much makeup do they wear on a daily basis? ⁠
  1. Do they prefer more length? More fullness?⁠
  1. Have they previously had any adverse reactions to eyelash extensions?⁠

These questions are vital in achieving the best look for your client. ⁠

Pro tip - we also like to have a post appointment consultation as well. Reviewing why you chose 'XYZ' and what their options are for future appointments allows your client to feel comfortable to voice out their opinions.

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