The Benefits of Nanomisting

The Benefits of Nanomisting

We strongly believe in the benefits of nanomisting! But what is a nanomister and what does it do?⁠

What is a nanomister? A nanomister is a hand-held device that breaks down water particles into a fine mist using nano technology. Using one at the end of an eyelash extension service has a number of great benefits. ⁠

Eyelash extension adhesive cures (dries) through exposure to moisture in the atmosphere, a process which can take up to 24 hours. The adhesive will continue to produce vapour until fully cured.⁠

Using a nanomister helps to fully cure the adhesive and stop producing vapour before the client opens their eyes. By doing this, you;⁠
⁃ Reduce the risk of allergic reaction due to overexposure to adhesive vapour⁠
⁃ Reduce discomfort/stinging/eye redness post application⁠
⁃ Provide a refreshing completion to the application⁠

How to use a nanomister?⁠

⁃ Fill your device and refill bottle with distilled water only. ⁠
⁃ Hold the nano mister far enough away so that only the tail of the mist is in contact with the lashes. Mist for twenty seconds, sweeping back and forth between both eyes. If water droplets appear on the lashes, you may be holding the mister too close to the lash line, or too long in the one position.
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