The Difference Between Our Cashmere and Silk Lashes

The Difference Between Our Cashmere and Silk Lashes

A question we get often is: what lashes should I get—cashmere or silk? ⁠

Our Luxury Cashmere lashes originate from Germany. They have a natural, matte finish that gives you the darkest lash line. They are tapered for most of the body making them 30% lighter than our Premium Silk line. Our Cashmere lashes give you the extra volume without the extra weight.⁠

Our Premium Silk Lashes originate from Korea. They are full bodied meaning they’ll appear thicker. They have a semi-gloss finish and are predominantly used in classic applications.⁠

Both collections are made with only the finest raw materials. Their main differences lie between their shape, finish and weight.⁠

As a guideline, if you’re looking for mega volume—opt for our Cashmere line. They’ll give your the darkest look.⁠

Our Silk line is very versatile and can be used for classic, hybrids and volume applications.

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Do you have the cashmere Classic C in .20? Those are my favorite and almost Impossible to find.


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