What to Expect on Your First Lash Appointment

What to Expect on Your First Lash Appointment

Every boutique is different and every lash artist is different. Make sure you reach out to your lash artist or boutique for their guidelines.

At our beauty boutique in Calgary, AB share the following tips so our clients can get the most out of their experience.


  • come five minutes early to fill out any paperwork needed
  • come with no makeup on or early to remove any eye makeup
  • come with zero to little caffeine consumed within the last 3 hours to avoid jitters


  • show up late; we cannot run into other clients’ appointment times
  • chew gum during your appointment
  • bring any additional guests; unfortunately we are no longer equipped to have little ones at the boutique
  • leave your ringer on loud; we cannot answer phone calls or text messages for your during your appointment

A few other FAQ’s…

Q: How long is my appointment going to be?
A: Each appointment is different depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. Plan for 1-3 hours but confirm with your lash artist.

Q: Can I bring headphones?
A: If you’d like! Just make sure they’re not over the head headphones as we need room to maneuver around you.

Q: Do I need to curl or cut my lashes beforehand?
A: You don’t need to do anything except for come fresh faced. Curling/perming is not suggested and cutting your lashes is a definite no-no. If you’ve recently had a lash lift, let your lash artist know, stat.

Q: Can I sleep during my appointment?
A: Absolutely! If you start moving, we’ll gently wake you up. Snoring is encouraged.

Q: How do I care for my lashes?
A: You should wash your lashes on a regular basis because yes, you can get them wet. You can see a full breakdown of our aftercare here.

Curious about anything else? Let us know and we'll talk about it next! 

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