Insurance: Health, Disability and Critical Illness

Insurance: Health, Disability and Critical Illness

Are you covered? Throw your hands up if you’ve taken care of all three. No? Let us break it down for you on why it’s imperative you take care of this, STAT. 

Health insurance: whether you work independently or within a company, you should always be insured. A lapse in your health insurance could mean that it’s harder for you to get coverage in the event you develop something. 

Having health insurance in general is also great for paramedical services—ahem, chiro/physio/massage visits for your sore neck, shoulders and back. 

Disability insurance is so damn important in case of any short or long term ailments that may come up. Disability insurance helps you cover your expenses in events that you cannot work for certain periods of time. The best way to know how much you should be covered for is by putting together all of your fixed and variable expenses. 

Critical illness goes hand in hand with disability in the event that something big happens and while we’re knocking on wood for your well-being, it never hurts to be safe. 

Hit up your insurance broker. Chances are they can connect you with someone. 

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