OutLash Extensions Pro Story

Back in 2012, when we entered the beauty industry, the available education and processes were still very new. Lash extension offerings were rare, mostly offered from individuals' personal spaces, and the abundance of different brands available was overwhelming. However, we noticed that each experience was lacking something. From there, we aimed to offer something simple and streamlined for newcomers to the industry. OutLash was created for the everyday woman, from all walks of life.


Our vision for the brand is to fill the void that exists in the industry. We want to take our experience and knowledge and share it with others to help propel them along their path. We aim to bridge the gap by finding a luxury line of application products that deliver.


At OutLash, we believe in creating a community of educated and confident service providers to elevate the standards of the beauty industry. Our OutLash Educators have over 12 years of combined experience and stay on top of the newest trends and techniques. Our aim is to provide every student with the strongest foundation when it comes to learning any type of eyelash extension application. We believe that by doing so, we equip our students with the necessary building blocks to create a successful career within the lash industry.


We're dedicated to finding a luxury line of application products that deliver the "wow" factor to your clients each and every time, and we source our products ethically. From our products to education, quality is at the forefront of everything that we do. At OutLash, we bring you tried, tested, and lash artist-approved goods created by lash artist for lash artists.

Meet the Founder

OutLash Extensions was founded by Jessica Lapuz, a highly sought-after professional in the lash industry. Jessica began her career by offering lash applications from her personal space, and since 2012, she has honed her skills under the guidance of industry pioneers. She has become known for her exceptional speed and precision in lash application while maintaining lash health.

After gaining experience in a beauty boutique, Jessica opened her first brick-and-mortar store in 2016. Her driving force is to build honest relationships, expand her knowledge of the lash industry, and elevate and maintain quality standards.

In addition to running her boutique and serving as an educator, Jessica continues to work as a Lash Artist, staying in touch with her clients and keeping her skills sharp. This allows her to constantly search for new methods and techniques to improve her craft, which she shares with her fellow industry professionals.