Meet Christine — Brand Ambassador + Educator

Meet Christine — Brand Ambassador + Educator


She's an OutLash Brand Ambassador and our Saskatchewan Educator. She's here to help you not only in your applications but also how to run your lash business!

In her own words... 

Hi, I'm Christine! I am a Criminologist turned Lash Artist turned lash content/photography/editing/education/social media OBSESSED. I gained interest in lashing and received my certification in 2019 due to unemployment. 

I quit the only job that gave me financial security 💰The work environment was extremely toxic and they valued competition over team work. Least to say, I HAD ENOUGH! 😤  I quit without having another job secured thinking I could easily find another. 5 months later, I was still unemployed and relying on my savings to pay my bills.

I was at my breaking point when I realized I had only 2 months worth of rent left in my bank account (JUST RENT. Not enough for groceries, bills, etc). I decided to take a risk and invest money into a lash artistry course.

👏I learned how to do lashes
👏Built a thriving business during the PANDEMIC
👏 Full booked with clients & 5 figure earner
👏 Became a brand partner and lash educator
👏 And so many more accomplishments!

Never did I expect to be running a thriving business, start The Lash Guide and become a brand partner for OutLash Extensions Pro. My passion is to help lash artist grow their business and share what I wish I knew when I first started.

If you're seeing this, it's a sign! Start new things, take a risk, and don't give up!
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