Talking Lash Health

Talking Lash Health

Your client comes in with dirty lashes and it’s your job to explain to that client they need to wash their lashes, brush their lashes and take care of their lashes. How do you do this without coming off as rude or risk hurting their feelings? We are here to help!

Step 1. Take a breath.

Step 2. Think before you speak

Step 3. Choose a tone of voice that comes off friendly (something that helps is smiling while speaking)

Once you’ve composed yourself, try to use friendly language like “I would recommend..”, “It’s best if you..”, “I’ve noticed that…”. This will open up the conversation. Be gentle with your clients, people can be more sensitive these days and using softer words and a softer tone will put your client at ease. 

Educating your client is imperative and trust us when we say, you’ll be repeating yourself over and over again. Speak on why it’s important to have clean lashes - it helps retention and with the physical adhesion of products. Brushing your lashes removes any grown out lashes that are sitting on the lash line and it will make the appearance of the lashes look nicer, fuller and cleaner.

Lastly, you might have a client that simply doesn’t understand or care about lash health. That’s okay, but maybe it’s not okay for you and your business. Never be afraid to recommend that your client see another technician because maybe they just aren’t the right fit for you. When you go to make this recommendation it can be nerve wrecking, take a breath, think about what you want to say and then say it with a smile. 

Here’s a few things your clients need to keep their lashes looking great:

  1. Lash Wash
  2. Reusable or disposable mascara brushes
  3. Sleep mask to protect their lashes at night
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