Let’s Talk Lash Placement

Let’s Talk Lash Placement

Whether you’re doing classic or volume applications here are some things to keep in mind for the best bond and grow out. 

— Make sure your classic lash or volume fan is placed in the direction you want it to point. Client's natural lashes may not always point in the right direction whether it may be because they sleep on that side thus pushing their natural lashes in that direction or because they naturally have curly lashes. Always place your extensions in the direction you want it to point. 

— Point of contact needs to be with the natural lash and the base of the extension and least a tenth of the extension. We can't stress this enough. You need to make sure that point of contact is visible and avoid placement where the lashes are lifting or placed too far down the natural lash. This can make your application appear as if they're already grown out. 

Tips on getting better placement

— Get comfortable around your clients face and place your hands on their forehead. You will not be able to place lash extensions firmly without having stability throughout your application. Your client's forehead will help with that. If you're worried about putting too much pressure on your clients forehead don't be afraid to ask and check by asking. 

— Set your bed up high, sit up straight so you can have full view of your clients face. Not only is this good for your posture, it'll also help you get a full bird's eye view. 

— Learn how to tape back your clients lashes. Lashing in layers will help you see your point of contact much more clearly. 

— Most importantly—turn your clients head left or right to get those inners and outers. Everyone wants their inners and outers lashed. This is the first thing we generally notice in applications. We can’t stress this enough and we always see lash artists asking how they can better get into these troublesome spots.

Try some of these tips and let us know how much easier your applications become! 

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