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Looking for a lash course? Don’t make these mistakes.

Looking for a lash course?

Are you on the lookout for an exceptional lash course that can kickstart your journey into the world of lashing? Look no further! Let me share my personal experience and guide you towards finding the best lash course that suits your needs perfectly.


Unveiling My Lash Journey

At the age of 19, feeling somewhat unfulfilled and unsure of my path, I decided to explore the captivating world of lash extensions. Though I loved my job, it somehow left me yearning for more. Having experienced lash extensions for a year, I was intrigued to take things further and enroll in a lash course. I had three crucial criteria for the course:


Location: It had to be in Calgary, my hometown.

Affordability: As a young enthusiast, I needed a reasonably priced course.

Efficiency: A quick and straightforward learning experience was vital.

In 2012, finding suitable lash courses was quite a challenge. After extensive research, I came across what seemed like a reputable company and decided to invest my motorcycle funds into enrolling for their course.


The Reality of the Training

On the training day, I found myself amidst more than 20 fellow students. The paperwork seemed endless, with NDA's and photo release forms to sign. Soon, we delved into a 15-page manual, which somehow felt shorter than the pre-course paperwork.


The practical sessions began with mannequins, where I struggled to apply lashes effectively. Lunchtime passed swiftly, leading to live model demonstrations. Unfortunately, the lack of individual attention left me with only around twenty lashes per eye by the end of the day.


On the following day, known as "day two" of the training, I became the model. Yet again, I had two hours to perfect my skills. During the lunch break, we discussed business-building strategies and clarified our doubts.


A Moment of Doubt and Determination

Returning home, I asked my mom to be my model, but my performance fell short of expectations, and anxiety crept in. I felt disappointed, wondering if this was what the course was meant to achieve. Had I wasted my time and money selling my motorcycle to fund this?


Fortunately, I refused to give up. Driven by determination, I embarked on extensive research, seeking guidance from anyone willing to help. My goal was simple: earn enough to buy another motorcycle, but little did I know that my true love for the lash industry was about to blossom.


Choosing the Right Path

In my pursuit of excellence, I discovered a more suitable eyelash extensions course—one that fulfilled all my prerequisites. It offered the convenience of being in my hometown, affordability that matched my budget, and a time-efficient curriculum.


Having gone through the ups and downs of learning, becoming a lash artist, and eventually starting my own lash business, I realized the value of sharing my experiences with aspiring students. Thus, OutLash – lash courses were born, designed to provide a head start in your lash journey, whether you opt for it as a part-time gig or embrace it as a full-fledged career.


Embrace Your Lash Journey

If you're dreaming of a fulfilling career as a lash artist, let OutLash Academy be your guiding light. With personalized insights, practical knowledge, and business expertise, you'll be equipped to conquer the world of lashes and unlock your true potential.

XO Jess

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