Guiding Your Clients to Lash Excellence: Talking Lash Health

Guiding Your Clients to Lash Excellence: Talking Lash Health

Encountering a client with less-than-immaculate lashes presents an opportunity for education rather than an awkward conversation. Here's how you can delicately address the issue without causing offense and foster a client-friendly environment:


Step 1: Take a Breath

Before diving into the conversation, compose yourself. A momentary pause allows you to approach the situation with a clear mind.


Step 2: Think Before You Speak

Consider your words carefully. Craft a message that is informative yet considerate, keeping in mind the sensitivity of the topic.


Step 3: Choose a Friendly Tone

Maintain a friendly tone throughout the conversation. Smiling as you speak can convey warmth and reassurance.


Once you've set the tone, employ friendly language such as "I would recommend," "It's best if you," or "I've noticed that." These phrases initiate a conversation rather than sounding directive. In today's sensitive environment, a softer approach is key to putting your client at ease.


Education is paramount in these situations, and you may find yourself repeating essential points. Explain the significance of clean lashes in terms of retention and product adhesion. Emphasize how brushing removes grown-out lashes, enhancing the overall appearance—resulting in lashes that look fuller and cleaner.


However, there may be clients who remain indifferent to lash health. In such cases, it's crucial to assess whether this aligns with your business values. Don't hesitate to recommend another technician if it's evident that your client's priorities don't match your own. When making such recommendations, maintain composure, think through your words, and deliver the message with a smile.


Equip your clients with the essentials for maintaining stellar lashes:

  • Lash Wash: A dedicated cleanser for optimal lash hygiene.
  • Reusable or Disposable Mascara Brushes: Essential tools for daily maintenance.
  • Sleep Mask: Protects lashes during the night for long-lasting results.

By approaching these discussions with professionalism and empathy, you not only contribute to your client's lash education but also maintain a positive and informed clientele.


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