Ways to Enhance your Client Experience

Ways to Enhance your Client Experience

Whether you’re working from home or a co-work space, lashing independently or at a lash boutique with a team, here are a few tips to enhance your client’s experience that you can start implementing today. 

👋🏼  Nail that greeting. You need to be able to engage with your client’s as soon they walk through the door. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had clients come in to our sister company’s boutique @outlashyyc where a client didn’t know their previous lash artists’ name. What’s with that? Your client should know you by your first and last name even if it’s just in the back of their mind. 

They say the general rule of thumb is that a client should be greeted within eight seconds of their arrival. This is such a short window so you need to find a way to make sure you don’t miss a beat. If you’re running off to the restroom, have a sign up. This way your clients know you’ll be right back. 

Don’t meet them dishevelled either. Presentation is key and a consistent attire is a must — after all, you are providing a beauty service. 

👹  The devil’s in the details. Is this a returning client? How much more connected do you feel to someone when they remember something about you? New client? Ask your client a question about them that you noticed — it could be their outfit or a statement they made. 

💵  A simple added value to your clients’ experience doesn’t have to cost you a thing. Include a complimentary service. Adding an optional, complimentary service, such as a lip mask, heated blanket or even a bolster, to your routine automatically elevates your clients’ experience. This can be as simple as having a beverage – a small gesture goes a long way. 

🌅  It’s all about atmosphere. Wowing your clients with intangible aspects of your business like how they feel as soon as they walk in—seeing the friendly faces, positive vibes and knowing they’ll have a great time there is part of the whole experience. 

If you’re working independently, is your client walking in to you sulking or are you bright-eyed and ready to get them started? 

If you’re working with a team — do you exude a warm welcome? 

❤️  Do it with love or not at all. I think it’s safe to say a lot of us got into the business because we enjoy making other people look and feel good on the inside and outside. When you put that love and enthusiasm into your business it’ll all come back. 

Wow, your clients today. 

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