What is Eyelash Porosity?

What is Eyelash Porosity?

Have you had a troublesome client? That one client that just can’t seem to keep her lashes on—the one constantly having lashes pop off during applications. You use all of the same products on your clients yet she’s the only one having retention issues less than 24 hours after her appointment. But don’t sweat it—it really isn’t you, it’s her. It’s biological. 

What are we talking about? We’re talking about the porosity of her natural lash. 

What is eyelash porosity? Why is this affecting your retention? Simply put, lash porosity refers to your lashes ability to absorb and retain moisture. In our case—absorb adhesive.

Porous eyelashes absorb and retain adhesive much better than lashes that are either too porous or not enough.

High porosity lashes have holes and gaps—meaning the cuticle will allow for the moisture to be absorbed easily but also lost. More adhesive is required for the extension to bond well but the weight may damage the integrity of the natural lash.

Low porosity lashes repel products. Sound familiar? When your clients natural lash can’t easily absorb the adhesive, they tend to pop off when brushing or last a short period of time post application.

Normal porosity lashes have no holes or gaps but the cuticle layer is loose so just enough adhesive can be absorbed. This provides a strong bond between the natural lash and extension.

If you’re having retention issues, try different these different tips:

— Wrap or Thread your fans. By doing these two methods, you’re getting better coverage of the natural lash’s surface area at the base
— Use a Lash Primer. This will help balance the clients’ natural lash and help with bonding.
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