Why you Need to Retail Aftercare to your Clients

Why you Need to Retail Aftercare to your Clients

Whether you’re working from home, a studio or have your own lash bar, if you’re not retailing products, you’re missing out on passive income

Selling retail products inside of your physical lash business is one of the easiest ways to generate passive income. How great would it be to generate an extra $20+ per appointment?

It may not sound like a lot per appointment, but if you are consistently selling retail products to your clients - those extra dollars at the end of the appointment will accumulate in the best way possible! 

We get it — we don’t want to feel to ‘salesy’ but you need to make it clear that what you’re offering to your clients is protection on their investment which is the truth. 

If they tell you they’ll purchase one at their fill appointment make sure to perform a lash wash prior to the start of their next appointment. Not only will they ask but they’ll also see how quick and easy it is to use. 

Here are a few items to retail:

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