Brand Ambassadors

Become an OutLash Extensions PRO Brand Ambassador

Social media obsessed? In love with OutLash products?

We are looking for lash artists that can bring awareness to our brand and promote OutLash Extensions Pro to the masses.

The Advantages
● Be the first to try new products.
● Receive special discounts on premium products.
● Paid commission on referrals through personalized discount codes.
● Know the scoop on news and products before anyone else.

The Requirements
1. You must be a certified lash artist (being certified via OutLash is a plus but not a requirement)
2. You must have a minimum of 500 followers on Instagram.
3. A love of social media with a following that is lash focused.
4. Must currently use OutLash products—we want lash artists who rave about our products. 
5. Must post on Instagram a minimum of 5 times per month tagging @outlashextensionspro, using our curated hashtags #outlashextensionspro / #goallout / #goalloutforoutlash and mentioning the products used in each post.
6. Engage on specified posts when necessary for product launch, etc.
7. Engaging with other lash artists to use your personalized promo code as an incentive for ordering products to try based on your recommendations that are talked about in your posts.
8. Engaging on Facebook lash forum at least two times per week. This can be as simple as tagging our webpage/Instagram account. 
9. Posting a photo on the lash forums mentioning the products you use and what you like about them if someone asks for a product suggestion (ex. “The retention with using the Rapid Adhesive in Calgary is my fave because...”)
10. Having the potential to take on teaching lash extension courses on behalf of OutLash in your province.
11. Add “OutLash Extension Pro Brand Ambassador” to your instagram account profile/#outlashextensionspro in posts.

By being a Brand Ambassador you're just sharing what you love about the OutLash brand and in return you also receive perks! 

The Application