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Premium Silk Mixed Lash Extensions - DD Curl

Premium Silk Mixed Lash Extensions - DD Curl

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Our Premium Silk Mixed DD Curl Lash Extensions are rich, dark with no blue hues. We use sterilized PBT material that is double heated for amazing curls that’ll last. Each tray is meticulously handcrafted for consistency and quality.

All of our mixed DD lash extensions are packaged in a plastic wrap for sanitary reasons, indicator stickers on the bottom and on each strip for easy organization and efficiency.

+ Rich, pure black magic, no blue hues
+ Glossy finish
+ Double heated for curls that'll last
+ Available in DD curls
+ Available in mixed trays 7-14mm
+ Available in diameter 0.03
+ Foil back strips for easy tile clean up
+ 16 lines per tray
+ 4000+ lashes per tray

To make it easy - OutLash provides some guidelines about curl type, length, and thickness.
C Curl lash extensions provide a nice lift and is the most commonly used curl. This is the most natural curl that OutLash offers.
CC Curl is the perfect in between curl, giving you slightly more than C curl lash extensions but less than D curl.
D Curl is used to create doll-like lashes for special occasions or those who want more drama.
DD Curl lashes are for clients who want an extra dramatic look.
L Curl lashes have a straight base then transitions into the curl of a CC/D curl. L Curl is perfect for clients who have naturally straight lashes or those wanting to do a prominent cat-eye look.

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