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The Nanomister is designed for use at the end of every single lash service to cure the glue in a controlled manner (preventing shock curing). The Nanomister also helps in preventing glue fumes which reduces sensitivities to adhesive while soothing and refreshing the client’s eyes post service.


  • Sleek black
  • Portable
  • USB chargeable - no batteries required


  • Cool mist offers a nice, relaxing finish for clients
  • Aid glue in curing faster, without shock curing 
  • Helps speed up cure time in lower humidity lash rooms
  • Lessens likelihood of irritation post-service

Directions for Use:

  1. Once the lash set is complete, remove gel pads and tape to allow additional cure time for the glue. 
  2. Hold the Nano Mister approximately arms length or one ruler length from the client's face. Do not hold too close - the moisture should not make the client’s face visibly wet.
  3. Press the button on the nanomister to dispense mist.
  4. Allow the mist to slowly circulate above both eyes, gradually moving from eye to eye to evenly coat both of them.
  5. The Nano Mister will automatically turn off after 30 seconds of use - there is no need to dispense more than one cycle of mist per client.

Care Instructions: 

  • The nanomister comes with a cord for recharging. You will know your Nano Mister needs to be charged when you click the button and it flashes red. 
  • Change the water in your nanomister daily.
  • Use only distilled water to prevent build up. Clean the water tank regularly.
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