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Lash Primer

Lash Primer

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OutLash Extensions Pro Lash Primer is a must-have for lash artists who strive for exceptional lash applications. Our primer is specially formulated to prep and prime the lash line, ensuring the best possible bond between natural lashes and extensions. By effectively stripping away natural oils, residue, and debris, our Lash Primer creates a clean surface for lash application, promoting optimal adhesion. The balanced pH levels provided by our primer further enhance the bonding process, resulting in superior retention. The professional-grade formula is gentle on the lashes, making it suitable for all clients. With the easy-to-use brush applicator, applying the Lash Primer is a breeze, saving time and effort during the lash preparation process. Give your clients the ultimate lash experience with OutLash Extensions Pro Lash Primer.


Place in room temperature. Keep away from sunlight. DO NOT place in the fridge. Shake well before each use.  


+ Unopened bottles have a one year shelf life. 

+ Opened bottles should be replaced every six months.


Use sparingly with lint free wands as to avoid seeping into clients eyes.  

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