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Cream Lash Remover

Cream Lash Remover

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Safely and effectively remove eyelash extensions with our Cream Lash Remover. A thicker consistency than a traditional gel remover, our cream remover won't seep into your clients eyes. Upon application, the remover immediately breaks down all bonds and the eyelash extensions gently glide off the natural lash with little to no stress.

15g size comes in a tub.


+ Apply gel eye pads

+ Place generous amount of remover on the lash line

+ Place a saran wrap over top

+ Let it soak for ten minutes and remove gently with lint-free applicators

+ Extra time may be required depending on the application*


Keep room temperature. Keep away from sunlight. DO NOT place in the fridge. 


+ Unopened bottles have a one year shelf life. 

+ Opened tubes should be replaced every six months.


+ Clients are recommended to be still and to avoid scrunching their face specifically eye area to avoid solution from seeping into eyes. 

+ Clients are recommended to sit up or lay with a pillow during the soaking period to avoid solution from seeping into eyes. 

+ Clients should wash their face upon lash extension removal to remove any remaining solution or prior to a new application.

+ Extensions may be applied right after with proper prep and prime completion. 

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