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LashCure (previously known as Bonder) has been formulated to aid any eyelash adhesive in curing. Say goodbye to wicking or having to hold your lash in place. This solution is perfect for changing work environments throughout the day. 

Important Note: LashCure is meant to be used in conjunction with your lash adhesive during your application. This solution should not be applied directly onto the clients eyes. 


+ 15ml
+ Airless Pump Bottle
+ Clear Solution


For all diameters:

  • Place a drop of solution on a microswab or lint free wand and dab off excess. 
  • Run along the base of lashes whilst on strip. Do not saturate the lashes—base should be damp, not soaking. 
  • Wait 60 seconds prior to application.

Optional method for 0.03 0.05 and 0.07 diameters:

  • Place two adhesive stickers on jade stone or lash tile.
  • Place a drop of Bonder solution on one adhesive sticker, adhesive on the other. 
  • Create and pick up fan, glide through Bonder up to 2mm from base and dab off excess. It is important that there is no excess solution on the base. This will cause blooming leaving a white frost-like residue. 
  • Dip into the adhesive and place onto the natural lash.

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