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LashWash™ (aka lash shampoo or lash cleanser) has be specifically formulated for use with lash extensions. Keep your lash line clean without compromising adhesive bonds. A necessity for any lash lover to maintain optimum hygiene. Perfect to retail to clients as an extra form of income. 50ml version can last up to 6 months when used properly.


+ Comes in singles, 10 or 20 pack bundles 
+ Comes with LashWash brush
+ Travel size 50ml
+ Lasts up to six months
+ MSRP $25 


+ Use one pump on the eyelid
+ Massage thoroughly with finger in circular motion
+ Use LashWash™ Brush to get in between eyelashes
+ Rinse with water
+ Pat dry
+ Repeat for other eye

*Use 2-4 times per week, everyday if wearing eye makeup 

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Tags: Prolong, Pro long, Cleanser

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