Part Four: How Much Adhesive Should You Really Use?

Part Four: How Much Adhesive Should You Really Use?



Time and time again, we’ve heard the old adage—

“Just two little beads of adhesive” 

Sound like you and your training? While this is a good guideline for newbies, it’s time we also look at the clients natural lash in its entirety and asses the composition of the lash. 

Thinner lashes equals less surface area meaning you’re going to need less adhesive to coat the natural lashes. Thicker lashes will require more adhesive to cover the surface area of the natural lash to create a better bond. 

Have you ever applied lashes and they seem to just pop off when you’re brushing them? Your client could potentially have natural lashes with low porosity thus repelling product from being absorbed properly. Not sure what we’re talking about? Read more on lash porosity here.

Lots of factors play into good retention. However, adhesives are rarely at fault—after all, they’re made to stick. Adjust how much adhesive you’re using accordingly. Just think—if you’re properly isolating and checking your work for stickies at the end of each application and you believe that it is too much adhesive, you can easily adjust this at their next appointment. One time wear will not damage natural lashes as long as you know to correct it. Think of this the next time you’re applying extensions. 

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