Have your clients been losing lashes quicker than usual lately?

Have your clients been losing lashes quicker than usual lately?

Here are some reasons why that might be happening:

1. Seasonal Changes - The changing of the seasons causes us to shed our lashes to grow our new coats for the season - yes this happens for humans, too! This is totally normal, you might just need to suggest that your clients get a fill sooner than usual while their lashes are shedding.

2. Makeup/skin care - it is essential that you remind your clients that clean lashes are healthy lashes! If they regularly wear makeup it is necessary that they wash their lashes everyday with LashWash. This will ensure that their lash line is clean and free of debris and also that their oil glands in the lash line will not become clogged which can result in a reaction. A clean lash line is a happy lash line.

3. Masks - this is a bit of a hot topic right now, but if your client wears a mask all day this could contribute to poor retention due to the humidity and warm breath coming up and causing the adhesive to weaken quicker. Tape down your clients mask and implement a no talking policy.
4. Face sleepers - face sleepers often lose far more lashes on one side rather than the other. Sleeping on your face can cause the adhesive to break the lash or can cause lashes to snag on cotton pillow cases. To help with this we suggest a silk pillow case (available on Amazon) as they are kinder on your hair and skin.
5. Is it one client or all of them? This is also an important question. If it’s all of them it might be time to try a fresh adhesive or one that is slower drying. Ensure that you're following the spec card for each adhesive and replace your adhesive every four weeks. If it’s just one client make sure they’re following proper after care and try to troubleshoot with them.
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